The Development Disadvantage Of Sealing Parts In China
- Jul 18, 2018 -

The first is technical backwardness. On the one hand, in order to adapt to the increasing demand of environmental protection, the ISO14000 standard has begun to pay attention to Chinese enterprises, people's requirements for sealing increasingly stringent. Just as the entry of a large number of joint ventures has brought new quality requirements, new environmental concepts. On the other hand, the new standard objectively brings the redistribution of the market. The new stricter quality standards will become the biggest obstacle to China's export of sealed products, and become the killer of foreign enterprises in China market. Enterprises that do not attach importance to technological progress will be eliminated in the next 5 years. and the subject of technology is human. As far as the present situation is concerned, the sealing industry is relatively loose, the individual scale is small, thus the canglongwohu ability is small, the overall quality of the enterprise staff is lower. In addition, the business philosophy is likely to have the necessary correct. Capitalism has been more than 200 years, many of our peers, that is, competitors have gone through the continuation of 4 generations, has long been out of poverty from the rich psychology, to mature mentality, do the market, do management, do brand, do culture. And our enterprises, the reason why there is so much duplication of the establishment, a great reason is because many people take advantage of the reform process of the various norms of the current situation is eager to rich. This is a natural process of alternation, and the capitalist countries have the same experience. But in front of us is how to speed up the evolution, from the rush to seek rich and entrepreneurial, to mature business culture. On the basis of careful scrutiny, it is not difficult to see the individual behavior of our enterprises in various abuses. Lack of joint and competition, resulting in market landslides, is the first major problem in business. In fact, to keep prices low, blindly pursue orders, the result will be the destruction of the market. The market is not a cake, but a field, need to pay, need to nurture, need to cherish, will have a harvest, will be long. But in the quality consciousness, the Post-sale service, the product packing, the equipment investment and so on reference ISO9000 standard, each enterprise natural own appraisal. Although there are "three-point technology, seven management" management problems, as long as the confidence is easy to improve.