The Current Situation Of China's Sealing Parts Industry
- Jul 18, 2018 -

In recent years, the production and quality of rubber seal products in China has gradually entered into a new stage and a new period. However, these are still far from meeting the development of other industries for the standardization of various types of rubber seals, serialization of products, in particular, compared with the international advanced countries, our products in terms of product quality, or product varieties, there are quite a large gap.

This issue of the Forum has focused on the concept of seal science, research content and research significance, the paper summarizes the present situation of rubber-plastic seal, mechanical seal and packing sealing technology, analyzes the gap between China and world advanced developed countries in the research level and new product development ability, and puts forward some suggestions on the future research of seal field in our country. The overall competitiveness of China's sealing industry is well known, in our country, sealing industry can be said to be the smallest industry, but the product can be used with large industry supporting. Whether aviation, sailing, petroleum, chemical industry, or machinery, power generation, metallurgy, mining and so on, are inseparable from seals. In short, all organic, pump, pipe, valve place, are dependent on seals. Therefore, although the industry is small, the area involved is very wide. In recent years, with the development of economy, sealing industry has been developing rapidly. However, unlike other industries, the sealing industry is developing fast, but the seal enterprise changes slowly. In the early 80, for example, in the late 70, only in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong has several manufacturers, and whether coastal, inland, or south, the north, everywhere visible seals factory, the entire sealing industry has been from the previous several, the development of more than 300 home, this development can be said to be very fast. But in terms of individual enterprises, many enterprises change little, the production scale circuitous, some even appear backwards, the strength of science and technology not only not big increase, and some are weakened, many manufacturers still hold "four old" not put, that is, old products, old technology, old equipment, the old scale. Of course, there are some enterprises, imitation imitation some products of strong ability, but in the entire industry with independent development of new capabilities of enterprises are not many. In terms of products, the vast majority of manufacturers or some winding gaskets, packing ring, packing and High-strength gaskets and other old products. A little innovative PTFE products, in technology and quality significantly behind abroad, such as poly PTFE packing, expanded PTFE belt. For four weeks, there are few new products. In terms of technical strength, most of the enterprises of scientific and technological personnel accounted for a small proportion, many enterprises lack of genuine trained technical personnel, weak technological strength, so the enterprise lacks the corresponding development and transformation ability. The strength of the Union since its inception has prompted the European Union to raise and establish new European seal quality standards, replacing the series of standards previously established by the American Fluid Association. The leakage rate appears and is emphasized in the new European seal quality standards. China's product leakage rate in general at the 10-1mg/s level, and Europe has appeared leakage rate of up to 10-4mg/s grade of High-strength Graphite composite plate! In terms of equipment, the vast majority of enterprises have only a few old knitting machine, several homemade winding machine, simple punching machine and shearing machine, Rely on the ability of old workers to organize production, while many manufacturers of equipment for a long time in the production task is not saturated. In terms of quality management, the vast majority of enterprises rely on the proficiency of operators to do a good job of products, and not in accordance with the standard process standards for production, but also the necessary management tools. Many manufacturers have made ISO9000 series of certification, but the internal provisions of the process documents, quality control plan or operation guidance documents and equipment management documents are often empty, and international level is far apart. In terms of scale, the vast majority of enterprises in the sales of 5 million yuan below, 10 million of the few, more than 10 million of the handful. Frankly speaking, a large part of the sales of many manufacturers is outsourcing procurement, the proportion of real production is not very high.

So many small enterprises are difficult to compete with some famous foreign companies and manufacturers. Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of China's seal industry in international peers in summary, our sealing industry is weaker, but this refers to some small enterprises, we have some strong companies or factories. Although there are several well-known foreign enterprises, but also there are more small enterprises, there are many commercial companies specializing in sealing business to China to buy products, to the country or other countries to sell, so the entire international peer, advantages and disadvantages are different. In terms of advantages, we have advantages in 3 main areas: raw material advantages, whether asbestos, graphite and other non-metallic materials, we are the production power, many countries this lack of resources. Price advantage the current seals or labor-intensive products, China's manufacturing costs are low (US: operator 1500 USD/person/month; Japan: Young workers 200,000 yuan/person • Month, older 300,000 yen above; we have more than 1000 RMB/person/month below), the current seal competition wins 60% Depends on the price factor. In the domestic market, host supporting (OEM form) This phenomenon has been obvious, the international market is even more so. With the further deepening and improvement of domestic reform. The role of price factors in the maintenance market is becoming more and more obvious. Human advantages the current sealing parts of the domestic market marketing is mainly dependent on interpersonal relationships, a unique day and people and in the domestic market under the same quality conditions we have a lot of advantages. From the market competition point of view, have this 3 advantages, can embark on the road of competition.