Precautions To Use Seals
- Jul 18, 2018 -

1, design groove before please read each series of product description, it is clear that the product uses the whole groove or the split groove, the process of installing the seals should pay attention to avoid the Lingrui side, the hole seals into the whole groove with the help of installation tools; The designer must consider the Groove dimension precision, surface roughness, extrusion clearance and other parameters, Please refer to the product use instructions, illustrations and size table. 2, the installation of seals must ensure that there is no impurities and cracks in the seal trench, respectively, in the sealing groove and seal surface coating operation oil, in order to gradually install seals, installation process to avoid Lingrui side, Fuzheng seals, to avoid distortion and skew, if the split groove, the final tightening gland.