The problem reason of oil seal
- Jul 18, 2018 -

The main factors causing oil seal leakage Oil seal sealing is the main factor causing oil leakage.

When the shaft appears to wear groove, even if the replacement of new oil seals still can not be sealed, is due to oil seal lip and shaft contact pressure drop, resulting in the installation of oil seal lip diameter and shaft diameter of the interference is too small.

Taking the crankshaft oil seal of S195 type diesel engine as an example, the main reasons for its lax sealing are:

① Oil SEAL manufacturing quality is poor;

② shaft or bearing quality is poor;

Improper use and maintenance of 

③;Improper installation of 

④;Improper custody of the 

⑤, affected by environmental pollution caused adverse effects.

The countermeasures for oil leakage of oil seal seal is not strict

1, grasp and identify the basic knowledge of shoddy products, buy high-quality, Standard Oil seal. 2, installation, if the shaft diameter of the outside surface roughness or rust, rust, raising thorns and other defects, to use fine sand cloth or oil stone polished smooth, in the oil seal lip or axle diameter corresponding position coating clean oil or grease. Seal the outer ring of oil seal, wrap the keyway part on the shaft with hard paper, avoid scratching the oil seal lip, use special tools to seal the oil into the rotary pressure, do not hard to hit hard, to prevent oil seal deformation or squeeze broken spring and failure; If the lip flanging, spring off and oil seal askew must be removed and reload.

It should be noted that: when the shaft diameter is not worn and oil seal spring enough, do not arbitrarily tighten the inner spring.

3, applied in the mechanical oil seal general working condition is bad, the environment temperature difference is big, the dust is many, the machine tool vibration frequently causes the mechanical force condition unceasingly to change, must diligently inspect, the maintenance and the maintenance.

4, such as shaft diameter and bearing wear serious, oil seal rubber Aging or spring failure, etc., should be timely repair and replacement of the corresponding components.

5, the abnormal heating parts or assembly should be timely troubleshooting, to avoid mechanical overspeed, overload operation to prevent oil seal lip temperature rise, rubber aging, lip early wear and so on. 6, to constantly check the oil level, if the oil impurities too much, there is alloy powder, metal iron filings to be completely replaced with new oil. Change the oil brand and quality to meet the requirements of the season. Recommended in the oil to add Maitres super sealant and lubricants, it is an excellent gearbox additive, can form an inert material on the components of the film, it can slow the leakage of oil seals, prolong the service life of oil seal gears, can also reduce the noise of gearbox,

The use of this Maitres super sealed lubricant does not pollute the oil or spoil the oil.

Use instructions:

① reducer Lubricating oil volume ≤ 7 liters, each litre of lubricating oil added amount of 20‐30ml;

When the ②7‐15 rises, add the amount of 15‐20ml for each litre lubricating oil;

When the ③>15 rise, add the amount of 10ml for each litre lubricating oil;

7, the temporary use of oil seals, should be properly kept, to prevent contamination with oil, dust or sun exposure. 8, when the shaft diameter wear into a "V" groove, so that the new oil seal lip and axial contact pressure can not be used to seal the oil role, the displacement method may be made up.