Functional use of oil seals
- Jul 18, 2018 -

Engine: Crankshaft-crankshaft, rear oil seal valve-valve oil SEAL (engine repair package O-ring) (distributor oil seal, pump oil seal, balance shaft oil seal, oil pump seal ...)  Camshaft-camshaft oil seal; transmission: transmission-before transmission, after oil seal shift rod oil SEAL (Transmission repair package O-ring) (splitter--before the distributor, rear axle: Half shaft--rear axle oil seal differential--(front) rear angle vector oil seal rear wheel oil seal Direction oil seal (directional machine repair package O-ring)

Directional Booster Oil Seal (first half axle oil seal). Oil seals are required in all operating boxes where liquid lubricants are connected to the external parts.

Some are rubber, some are metal, most are steel-reinforced rubber, such as the crankshaft after the oil seal, the gearbox before and after the oil seal, the left and right axle oil seal, the main reducer front oil seal, air compressor crankshaft oil seal, etc.